frequently asked questions

    • How can I add a media stream?

      Use the Add Media form in the footer of this page.

    • Why add my newsletter / podcast?

      Law firms email news alerts to their existing client lists (or those of them who agree to receive those emails). LNM puts your media in front of readers when they want to engage with your content. This adds shelf-life to your newsletter and expands your readership.

    • Do law firms lose control over the potential to engage with readers?

      No. Most law firm websites are static (web1). They suggest further engagement by way of emails to the author. They depend on a reader finding content, without search assistance (or with assistance after a reader has found an news/insights page). Law News Mill optimises that UX for the reader, and by doing so, may deliver increased traffic to a source of publication. We will not change the content, or the UX of the content.

    • Will you provide analytics on engagement with content?

      We will integrate tools to give publishers insights on readership, and interest in their content.

    • What are the beta features?

      If you toggle the beta features in your preferences bar, your news feed will be supplemented with analysis, reference materials and other commentary, which has been developed using generative AI tools. These tools are in beta and at this stage, the materials are shared without our having reviewed the results of the content. We wrote the prompts used to develop them. Those prompts may be informed by your interaction with materials on this website.

    • What does this cost?

      There is no charge for readers.

    • What is the benefit?

      We will be the subscriber to the law firm newsletter emails and otherwise use webhooks to recognise newly published media. Law Firms continue to publish in the style and format that best suits the individual authors. When a reader wants a news update, LNM is a current, cohesive format to find or browse content that is of interest. For readers, it offers market coverage. For law firms, benefits include the expansion of readership beyond a mailing list, engaging with your clients when they want to receive your insights, and preserving the shelf life of your marketing collateral.

    • How quickly is my newsletter published after the email is sent?

      ~2 days.

    • Can readers save filtering preferences, bookmark content, and comment on publications?

      These features are on the roadmap.

      Review roadmap
    • How does this help with my content generation?

      Law firms can use this tool to identify gaps in coverage, or diversity of perspectives on subjects. Responding to those gaps and perspectives can enhance the value of a contribution to the literature base.

    • What features are on the roadmap?

      This is a beta version of the core feature - being the aggregation of newsletters and search functions to navigate that content. Next up, is a tool to make it possible to engage with content. Discussion forums, AMAs with authors, continuing education enhancements as well as the ability for readers to link other relevant materials to a post.

    • Is backlog published?

      Not generally. However, a sample of pre-September 2023 material has been added to our database.

    • The Johnny v Amber trial took over youtube. Is digital media enabled?

      We noticed. We have this prioritised behind the training vertical. It's on the roadmap.

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